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Toyota Tercel Idle Speed Adjust

Q. Sir, on a 1993 Toyota Tercel 1500 engine (base model) with automatic transmission and A/C. Can you and if so how do you turn up the idle speed??? Or is it computer controlled.

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Toyota Tercel Idle Speed Adjust

A. The idle speed is adjustable. Here is the procedure:

  1. Confirm initial conditions:

    1. Air cleaner installed
    2. All vacuum lines connected
    3. Engine at normal operating temperature
    4. Accessories switched OFF
    5. Transmission in neutral

Toyota Tercel Idle Speed Adjust
Disconnecting Idle-Up VSV
  1. Disconnect the idle-up vacuum switching valve connector, located near throttle valve.

Toyota Tercel Idle Speed Adjust
Connecting Tachometer
  1. Connect a tachometer to the service connector of the distributor or terminal IG- of the check connector.
NOTE: Never let the tachometer lead touch ground as this could cause damage to the igniter and/or coil. Be sure to check that your tachometer is compatible with this ignition system. Consult the operating manual for your instrument.
  1. Operate the engine at 2,500 rpm for approximately two minutes.
  2. Release the throttle and check idle speed. Idle Speed (w/Cooling fan OFF and at Neutral):

M/T: 750 RPM

A/T: 800 RPM

Toyota Tercel Idle Speed Adjust
Idle Speed Adjusting Screw
  1. Adjust idle speed by turning idle speed adjusting screw.
  2. Reconnect idle-up VSV connector.
  3. Disconnect tachometer from the engine

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