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Ford Taurus Power Steering

Q. Hi Sir, I own a 1999 Ford Taurus, my power steering pump ran out of fluid recently and had it checked a friend who's been working on it since I bought it. He added fluid before test driving it, power was working on ad off and as soon as engine was turned off, the steering fluid erupted out of the pump.

Ford Taurus Power Steering

We found that this was due to air in the system. He also noticed that the rack and pinion is leaking which answers the question as to where the fluid was going in the first place. Would you know if this rack and pinion comes with a 'variable assist steering sensor?

It's a question I'm asked while shopping around for the new part. I can't get under my car to see for my self. I hope you could help on this.

Thank you,

A. The Ford Taurus uses the Variable Assist Power Steering II (VAPS II) system. So the answer o your question is yes.

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