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Geo Prizm Has Brake Bleeding Problem

Q. Greetings, I have a 1994 Geo Prizm,1.6 manual transmission, 210,000 miles with ABS. I changed calipers and rotors recently. I changed the right front first and bled it. I was using a hand vac and couldn't get the fluid to flow. I changed the left side and the fluid would flow. I got assistance on the brake pedal and bled the front left, then went to the rear.

Geo Prizm Has Brake Bleeding Problem

Once I got the fluid to flow on the left front it was murky looking. The brakes operate but the front tend to lock up on me after about 15 miles but not always. I mean they close shut and the pedal will not move. After it sits awhile it will move again but that's to go home.

Could excessive air or contamination cause this? Is my master cylinder out of balance? I'm thinking that I should have a garage power bleed my brakes to see if this will fix it. What do you think?



I think you should continue to try and bleed the brakes at all 4 corners until you get clean looking fluid out at all 4. If the brakes are staying applied, you may need brake hoses. Some of these hoses will act like a check valve when they get old. They can allow fluid out to the brakes and not allow it to return when your foot is off brakes. The rubber deteriorates inside and can cause this problem.

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