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Chevy Cavalier Speedometer Jumping

Q. Hi Vincent, I have a 1992 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 liter, automatic transmission, ABS, A/C and cruise control. The car has 291,000 and never any major engine work other than a water pump, controller module and alternator. My problem is at about 50 to 70 mph, just steady driving, the speedometer will flip flop. At the same time there will be a little hesitation or surge in the engine.

Chevy Cavalier Speedometer Jumping

I've cleaned all connectors and did a compression check, 150 psi. I'm thinking MAP sensor. I've cleaned the throttle body but probably need to clean inside the intake manifold. Can you please advise? Also how is the speedometer tied in with this problem?

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If the speedometer acts up the ECM will try to change things to make up for it. I would look at the speedometer first! It's probably electronic. There should be a speedometer Vehicle Speed Sensor on the transmission right side housing. It may have a weak magnet in it or a bad connection. You would need to put it on a lift to check it properly.

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