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Ford Mustang Cranks, Won't Start

Q. I am trying to repair my Mother in Laws 1993 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 liter. It will not start. It has spark and fuel but it seems as if the fuel is not getting injected. I have tried spraying starting fluid in and it will run as long as I keep spraying.
Ford Mustang Cranks, Won't Start

A. Assuming you do have fuel and spark, then you have an injector problem. And since it is unlikely all eight injectors went bad at the same time, we have to look for power going to the injectors.

Power for the injectors comes in from fusible link 'G', through the PCM Power Relay, mounted on a bracket behind the engine coolant reservoir, and then to the injectors.

Ford Mustang Cranks, Won't Start

I would start with checking the fusible link(s), then go to the PCM relay and check for power at the yellow wire and the red wire with the key ON. If you have power at the yellow wire and not at the red, you have a bad PCM relay.

If you have power at the red wire but not at the injectors, there is a break in the harness going to the injectors.

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