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Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Wheel Bearings

Q. Hello Vincent, Do you know how the procedure to replace a Rear Wheel Bearing for a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 wheel disc brakes? Are there any special tools? I have most of the tools needed for any other automotive job. I have taken the brake assembly and the rotor off and it would appear the axle shaft would slide straight out, maybe held on by a c-clip.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Wheel Bearings

A. To get the axle out you are going to need a slide hammer and adapter plate. You can probably rent one from the local tool rental store. I believe if you buy the bearings from them, Autozone will lend you one.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Wheel Bearings

However, once you get the axle out, the bearing retaining ring will have to be drilled and chiseled off. Then the bearing needs to be put in a hydraulic press and pressed off and the new one pressed on along with a new bearing retaining ring.

  1. Place transmission in neutral.
  2. Raise and support vehicle.
  3. Remove wheel and tire assembly.
  4. Remove brake caliper and rotor.
  5. Remove nuts holding axle retainer plate to axle tube from the rear of the axle flange.
  6. Pull axle shaft from the axle with Slide Hammer 7420 and Adapter 6790. Mount the adapter to the axle with lug nuts.

NOTE: The axle bearing race is normally loose in the axle tube.

  1. Install axle into the axle tube with the flat area of the retainer plate upward.
  2. Insert retaining plate studs into the brake backing plate and axle tube flange.
  3. Install retainer nuts and tighten nuts to 45 ft. lbs.
  4. Install the brake rotor and caliper.
  5. Install wheel and tire.
  6. Check and fill the differential with gear lubricant.
  7. Lower vehicle.

If you can get it out you will need to take the axle(s) and new bearing(s) to a machine shop to get the bearings replaced.

Added 2/8/06

BIG TIP! The retaining ring needs to be heated first, then pressed on, as it cools it shrinks and won't move. It took two trips to the auto store pressing on the bearing and ring, and it would work itself off in a few hours. It wasn't until I went to a drivetrain specialist the third time that he said it has to be heated first, sure enough it has stayed in place since!

Additional Information provided courtesy of AllDATA and Warranty Direct

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