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Ford Escort Engine Specifications

Q. Good Day, I'd like to find out what the torque specifications are for the Cylinder head bolts, the main bearing, the crankshaft and the big end bearing on a Ford Escort 16V GLI with a Zetec engine.
  • 1996 Ford Escort
  • 1.8 liter DOHC
  • Manual transmission
  • 123,000 miles

Thank you,

Ford Escort Engine Specifications

A. Here you go!!

Accelerator & Kickdown Cable Bracket 69-95 in lb
A/C Compressor Mounting Bracket 30-40 ft lb
Alternator Lower Mounting Bolt 27-38 ft lb
Camshaft Cap 8-10 ft lb
Camshaft Pulley Lock Bolt 36-45 ft lb
Clutch Release Cylinder 12-17 ft lb
Connecting Rod Cap 35-37 ft lb
Crankshaft Pulley Retaining Bolts 109-152 in lb
Crankshaft Pulley Bolt 80-87 ft lb
Crankshaft Pulley Guide Plate 9-13 ft lb
Crankshaft Rear Cover 6-8 ft lb
Cylinder Head 56-60 ft lb
Cylinder Head Cover 43-78 in lb
Distributor Mounting Bolts 14-19 ft lb
Exhaust Flex Pipe To Converter 51-69 ft lb
Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 52-78 in lb
Engine Lifting Bracket 27-38 ft lb
Engine Mount 49-69 ft lb
Engine Oil Dipstick Bracket 6-8 ft lb
Engine Support Bracket 69-86 ft lb
Engine Vibration Dampener 41-59 ft lb
Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield 6-8 ft lb
Exhaust Manifold Nuts 28-34 ft lb
Exhaust Mounting Flange To Exhaust Manifold 23-34 ft lb
Flexplate Bolts 71-76 ft lb
Flywheel Bolts 71-76 ft lb
Fuel Rail Mounting Bolts 14-19 ft lb
Halfshaft Bearing Support 31-46 ft lb
Idler Mounting Bolt 27-38 ft lb
Intake Plenum & Manifold Assembly To Cylinder Head Nuts 14-19 ft lb
Main Bearing Cap 40-43 ft lb
Oil Jet Bolt 9-13 ft lb
Oil Pan Drain Plug 22-30 ft lb
Oil Pan To Engine Block 6-8 ft lb
Oil Pan To Transaxle 27-38 ft lb
Oil Pressure Switch 9-13 ft lb
Oil Pump 14-19 ft lb
Oil Pump Cover 52-78 in lb
Oil Strainer 6-8 ft lb
Power Steering Pump Bracket 27-38 ft lb
Radiator Mounting Bracket 6-8 ft lb
Seal Plate 6-8 ft lb
Shift Control Rod To Transaxle 12-17 ft lb
Spark Plugs 11-17 ft lb
Starter Motor 27-38 ft lb
Temperature Gauge Sending Unit 56-82 in lb
Thermostat Housing Bolt & Nut 14-19 ft lb
Timing Belt Cover 6-8 ft lb
Timing Belt Inner & Outer Guide Plates 9-13 ft lb
Timing Belt Pulley 80-87 ft lb
Timing Belt Tensioner 27-38 ft lb
Timing Belt Lower Cover 69-95 in lb
Timing Belt Middle Cover 69-95 in lb
Timing Belt Upper Cover 69-95 in lb
Torque Converter Nuts 25-36 ft lb
Transaxle Front Mount 27-38 ft lb
Transaxle To Engine See note
Transaxle Upper Mount Bolts 32-45 ft lb
Transaxle Upper Mount Nuts 49-69 ft lb
Valve Cover Bolts 43-78 in lb
Water Pump Bolts 14-19 ft lb
Water Pump Inlet Fitting To Water Pump 14-19 ft lb
Water Pump Pulley Bolts 69-95 in lb

Automatic transaxle: 41 - 59 ft lb.
Manual transaxle: 47 - 66 ft lb.

Additional Information provided courtesy of AllDATA and Warranty Direct

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