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Subaru Legacy Drive Belt Replacement

Q. I have a question about a 1995 Subaru Legacy Wagon AWD. It's a 2.2 liter, manual transmission with 175,000 miles. It has fuel injection, along with ABS, cruise control and A/C.
Subaru Legacy Drive Belt Replacement

The drive belts need to be replaced, and it's been recommended that I do that work myself. I've done a handful of brake jobs, but haven't spent much time under the hood.

How difficult is it to replace drive belts? What are the key things that I need to keep in mind in order to be successful? Do you have any details or favorite web sites that describe the steps to complete this repair?


A. Changing the drive belts are easy to do. The power steering, alternator and water pump run off of one belt and the A/C has it's own belt.

Subaru Legacy Drive Belt Replacement

To get the alternator belt off, loosen the adjuster lock nut (red) and back off the adjuster bolt (blue). When it's loose enough, slip the belt off and put the new one on.

Subaru Legacy Drive Belt Replacement

The A/C adjuster is basically the same thing. Loosen the lock nut, back off the adjusting bolt and install the new belt after removing the old one.

Subaru Legacy Drive Belt Replacement

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