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Nissan Pickup V Belt Replacement

Q. Mr. Ciulla, I am trying to change the 3 belts on a 1993 Nissan Pick-up truck. I am unable to remove them, because the fan pulley is attached to the water pump. I can cut the belt to remove it, but how would I install the new belt? Is there anyway of removing/installing the belts without removing the fan? Please get back to me.

  • 1993 Nissan D21 Pickup Truck
  • 2.4 liter 4-cylinder


Nissan Pickup V Belt Replacement

A. There are three adjusters, one for the A/C belt, Alternator belt and power steering belt. The diagram below shows where they are. Each has a lock nut that must be loosened/tightened and an adjuster screw to move the component looser or tighter.

Nissan Pickup V Belt Replacement

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