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Does The Turbonator Really Work?

Q. Please tell me about the Turbonator which you allow as a sponsor on your site. Does this really improve mpg? I would respect your expert opinion on this item.


Does The Turbonator Really Work?

A. My fellow American... let me make one thing perfectly clear. I do not "allow" or "disallow" any company to advertise on my site. The selection and placement of ads on my site is totally out of my control. The selected Google ads that are placed on any particular page are determined by specific keywords.

You should not infer since an ad appears on my site that I endorse it. In fact I do NOT let the ads influence my assessment of a product or service that I review.

As for the Turbonator, this product is a "vortex" type product. A second cousin to the Tornado, SpiralMax and a few others, all variations on a theme. And they are all worthless. The only thing they do well is take your money and make it disappear. You want to use that $69.95 and get more HP and better milage? Use it to get a good tune-up.

In a word, it is JUNK!

I'm still waiting for a response from them to my e-mail asking for samples and documentation for a product review.

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