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Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission

Q. Dear Gents, I've a 1999 Ford E-350 Van, 7.3 liter diesel, automatic transmission. I've just installed a new transmission for my car but for some reason the speed in not multiplying. I mean it start with the first gear and does not jump to second gear and so on. What could be causing that? Is anything to do with the speed sensor?

Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission

Could you help with this issue, if not you area, please address me to the right person.

Thank you very much,

A. First I have to understand what you mean by 'new'. Is it new as in you went to Ford and bought a new transmission? Or do you mean it is a rebuilt or remanufactured unit? Or is it from a junk yard and 'new' to the vehicle? And did you install it or did you have a shop install it?

The first thing I would check is the shift linkage. I would make sure the shift cable is installed and adjusted properly. Here is how to make the adjustment. The procedure is for both the 4R70W transmission and the 4R100 transmission.

  1. Place the transmission range selector lever in the D position.
    • Place a three-pound weight on the transmission range selector lever.
  2. Raise and support the vehicle.
Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission
  1. Disconnect the shift cable at the manual control lever.
Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission
  1. Unlock the lock tab on the transmission shift cable.
Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission
  1. Verify the manual control lever is in the D position.
  2. Place the manual control lever in the first gear position.
  3. Move the manual control lever two detents to the D position.
Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission
  1. Connect the transmission shift cable to the manual control lever.
Ford E-350 Shiftless Transmission
  1. Lock the shift cable lock tab.
  2. Lower the vehicle.
  3. Remove the three-pound weight.
  4. Carefully move the transmission range selector lever from detent to detent and compare with the transmission settings.
    • Readjust if necessary.

If the shift cable is adjusted properly, then it might be safe to assume the problem is an internal transmission one.

If it were a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) you would have no speedometer and no cruise control.

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