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Volkswagen Jetta DTC P0411 & P0442

Q. Hi I own a:

  • 1997 Volkswagen Jetta GLS
  • 2.0 liter
  • 5 speed
  • 153,000 miles

Volkswagen Jetta DTC P0411 & P0442

My two problems are...

  1. When I turn the key from the driver side door to open the car it doesn't unlock the trunk just the door... it doesn't stop there. I get into the car start the engine and if I don't put the windows down the alarm won't turn on. This is a 50/50 problem because sometime I don't need to put the window down or not.

    When I get to where I am going I turn off the car and again 50 50 the alarm activation sound will go off when I pull the key out of the ignition. This means the alarm is now activated and will go off if I get out of the car or if anyone else does.

    I have to then get out and unlock the car from the drivers side or passenger side door with the key to shut the alarm off? Any ideas why it is doing this?

  2. The second involves two engine codes. The car drives great but not so well after start up when I try to drive off. It hitches, started mostly on damp days, and after 15 minutes or so it's fine. But now that winter is here and I live in Maine I'm not experience this problem that much or at all.

    I though it was ignition related but nothing like that came up for engine codes... The codes are P0411 (Secondary AIR injection incorrect flow detected) and P0442 (EVAP emission system leak detected small leak)

Thanks for any ideas... let me now and I might be able to supply more info if need. THANKS AGAIN!


A. 1. There are a couple of possible cause for this kind of alarm problem that you can check yourself. First is fuses 21 and 22 in the fuse box. If either one or the other, or both, are blown, it will cause this to happen.

Volkswagen Jetta DTC P0411 & P0442

The other is a loose or dirty ground connection. The ground connection you need to check is in the luggage compartment, on the left side midway between the Central Locking Pump and the shock tower.

2. Checking for DTCs P0411 and P0442 can be difficult with out a breakout box.

DTC P0411 is most often caused by a bad Secondary Air Injection pump (12) or a bad Secondary Air Injection solenoid valve (1). Disconnect the air pump hose at the solenoid valve, start the engine and see if there is air being pumped out. If not, the pump is bad.

Volkswagen Jetta DTC P0411 & P0442

If there is air being pumped out, unplug the vacuum line at the solenoid valve and remove the valve. Blow through the valve. You should not be able to. Now apply vacuum to the valve and blow through it. Now you should be able to. If not the valve is bad.

Make sure the vacuum line is fully seated, against the stop, on the solenoid valve. In some cases, the vacuum hose leading to the solenoid valve for the Secondary Air system may not be fully seated on the Combi-valve tube.

DTC P0442 Is most often caused by an improperly tightened gas cap. But it can also be caused by a cracked vapor line in the EVAP system. Check the EVAP lines from the fuel tank to the charcoal canister to make sure they are not cracked and in good shape. If the appear okay, you will need to take it to a Volkswagen Dealer to have the EVAP system pressure tested.

The "hitch" that occurs on damp days could be a secondary ignition problem. Get a spray bottle filled with water and a spoonful of salt. Start the engine and spray the distributor cap, ignition wires and ignition coil. If the engine starts to break down or you see and hear any arcing, it's a lot easier to see when it's dark, you need to replace the distributor cap, rotor, and ignition wires.

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