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Ford Crown Victoria Fuel Pump Wiring

Q. Hi, my name is Joel. I read about you About.com and thought you might be able to help me. Okay, I have a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria, ex-cop car, that I bought wrecked for a hundred bucks. It is a 4.6 liter overhead cam V-8. It ran and drove fine, but the body was in bad shape, so I cut the body away and am attaching a 1947 Ford Coupe to it.

Ford Crown Victoria Fuel Pump Wiring

Now, before I start welding everything back up, I would like to know if it runs. Right now it gets spark and has compression but the fuel pump will not turn.

Here is some info; the fuel tank is not connected, is empty, and it is just mocked up. Does the fuel pump ground through the tank and could this be why it will not turn? Does it have to have gas in it to turn? I do not get power after the fuel pump relay also. I have jumped power using a pig tail and then I have power at the pump but it will not turn unless I manually ground the pump. Before I attach the tank and remake the floor I would like to have it working.

There are also several wiring connectors that appear to be "extra" and I can not find what they hook up to. Are there any connectors that would stop the fuel pump from working but still allow the car to turn over and get spark?

The gauge cluster has power and I get the annoying airbag beep. I hope to discard them. Is this possible and would the airbags affect the fuel pump? I am imagining some kind of safety thing. I assume the other connectors were "police stuff" or accessories. And, if it helps, there is a single wire plug under the dash that is hot and is labeled ignition, among the other stray wires. I can not find what it hooks up to and the ignition already works.

I was told that the police wiring was different so could this be original equipment and do I need it? SO, do you have any idea what it would take to make the fuel pump work and do you have any info where I can find a complete wiring diagram.

I saw on one of your posting's that you had a picture of a wiring connector diagram for a Crown Victoria. I dont suppose you have more of those? Finally, can you think of what it would take, minimum, for the car to run? Okay, well any help would be greatly appreciated. I am dying to drive this thing, as I have had the coupe for 15 years. Please Help!

Thanks for your help.

A. For the fuel pump to work you need power and ground. Here is a wiring diagram for the fuel pump circuit. You will need to ground the fuel tank to the frame or run a ground wire for the fuel pump. Keep in mind that the fuel pump will only run about two seconds and shut if without the engine cranking or running.

Ford Crown Victoria Fuel Pump Wiring

I do not recommend running the fuel pump without fuel in the tank. The fuel serves to cool the fuel pump and keep it from overheating.

As for the "extra" connectors, I would have to see them to be able to say what they are for and where they belong. The wiring harness for the police version is different than the non-police version so it is possible you don't need them.

The SRS Air Bag system is total separate from any other electrical system in the vehicle. The SRS wiring harness is indicated by their yellow color. Thus it will nor effect the fuel pump in anyway.

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