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Toyota Corolla SRS Light Is On

Q. Dear Sir, I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla. I unplugged the instrument cluster to change the bulb. I drove my car to a hardware shop to get the bulb, I didn't plug in the instrument cluster. After I replaced the bulb I put back the instrument cluster. I turned the ignition switch on. The SRS light stayed on.

 Toyota Corolla SRS Light Is On

I tried disconnect the negative wire for 15 minutes but I cannot reset it. How to clear the stored code?


A. You must have a DTC 41 stored. Here is the DTC clearing procedure.

Except Code 41

  1. Turn ignition switch Off, then disconnect battery ground cable or ECU-B fuse for 10 seconds or more.
  2. When connecting battery after canceling malfunction code, ensure ignition switch in Lock position. If battery cable is connected with ignition switch in On or ACC position, diagnosis system may malfunction.
  3. The lower the temperature, the longer the battery ground cable must be left off.

Code 41

This code clearing method may be used for all codes.
  1. Connect suitable service wires on check connector DLC1 terminals Tc and AB.
  2. Turn ignition switch to ACC or On, then wait about 6 seconds.
  3. Starting with Tc terminal, apply body ground alternately to terminal Tc and AB twice, each in cycles of 1.0 second.
  4. Continuously apply ground to terminal Tc.

NOTE: When alternating between body ground to terminals Tc and AB release one from body ground and immediately apply it to the other terminal within 0.2 second. If code does not clear, repeat procedure until all codes are cleared.

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