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Gas Line Anti-freeze: Is It Worth It?

Q. Hi, I'm wondering how effective "Gas Line Anti-freeze" is or if it is even needed below freezing temperatures. Gas stations seem to sell plenty of those yellow "Heat" bottles around winter time in Chicago.


Gas Line Anti-freeze: Is It Worth It?

A. The State of Illinois requires all gasoline sold contain 10% ethanol, which is alcohol. Gas Line Anti-freeze is either Methanol or Isopropyl alcohol. The difference between ethanol and Isopropyl alcohol is ethanol is made from corn and Isopropyl alcohol is made chemically.

Methanol, also known as wood alcohol is an organic alcohol and an oxygenate which is blended with gasoline to enhance octane and create cleaner burning fuel.

So a 10% blend of ethanol and gasoline contains not one, but two types of "Dry Gas". Now why pay for something that is already being pumped into your tank? And keep this in mind, if you have a 20 gallon fuel tank, 2 gallons of it is "Dry Gas". How many of those little bottles would you need to add to get the same blend?

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