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Honda Accord Front Wheel Bearings

Q. Hi Vince, I took my 2002 Honda Accord with 46,000 miles to a dealer to have both front wheel bearings replaced. This job is still covered under warranty. The service rep told me that to remove the wheel bearing, the technician has to bang it out and this banging operation will affect the ball joint. The rep said that the ball joint has a small play already and this banging operation will make it worse and recommended to have the ball joint replaced also.

Honda Accord Front Wheel Bearings

I went in for a job which is covered under the warranty, but end up having to pay $$$$ for the replacement of both ball joints, which is not covered under the warranty.

It is common that when replacing the wheel bearing, the ball joint needs to be replaced also?

Yu Kwang Peng

A. First off, you don't "bang" the front wheel bearing out, it is pressed out using a hydraulic press. Second, if the technician can not remove the wheel bearing without damaging the ball joint, or anything else for that matter, he should put his tools away and sell insurance instead.

If this is a Honda dealership, they will have to proper tools to remove the hub assembly properly and without collateral damage.

Additionally, if the wheel bearings are under warranty, the ball joints should be as well. So if they need to be replaced, it should be done under the warranty and at no cost to you.

If they are not under warranty, and they have excessive play, then they should be replaced even if you have to pay for it. Some how I find it kind of hard to believe a Honda ball joint needs replacing at on 46,000 miles.

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