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Volkswagen Jetta Check Engine Light

Q. Dear Mr. Ciulla, Thank you for your excellent web site. So, I have a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta and I have an OBD II interface to access the DTCs on my laptop using Ross-tech shareware. I can erase the DTC, which is for my diesel glow plug relay, but then the light will come back on a couple days later since I haven't replaced the relay, as the car has run fine without any glow plug relay replacement.

Volkswagen Jetta Check Engine Light

Is there a way to erase that code for a longer time, so I don't see the light anymore, preferably unless a new problem evolved?


A. The only way to turn off the Check Engine Light (CEL) is to repair problem causing it to come on.

If you do not wish to repair the problem for whatever reason, you can simply remove the CEL bulb, but that is illegal in almost every state. Of course if you do that you will not know if another problem will crop up.

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