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Ford Expedition ABS DTC Scan Tool

Q. This is a follow-up question regarding retrieving ABS/EBCM codes for a 2000 Ford Expedition (Ford Expedition ABS Light On). In your last response, you mentioned "most higher end aftermarket", but I am unable to find a tool that advertises the ability to read ABS codes for less than $4,000.00. I have the software from scan tool.net as well as digimoto. Neither one of those has the ABS feature.

Ford Expedition ABS DTC Scan Tool

Please provide a manufacturer or vendor where I can purchase one or one that you recommend.

Thanks a million and have a great holiday.

A. When I said higher end aftermarket scan tools, I was referring to the MT2500 Snap-on Scanner, the OTC 3761 Air Bag / ABS Scan Tool and others like them.

Personally, I use the Snap-on SOLUS System.

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