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Toyota Paseo Axle Replacement

Q. Hi there! I have a 1992 Toyota Paseo and I need to change my old front shaft with out ABS for a new one I want to know how I can do it, what are the steps? I also saw in an article related to axles that I need to pop out a clip in the axle to pop it out, but is that clip in the transmission? Do I need to open the transmission? I appreciate any help.


Toyota Paseo Axle Replacement

A. Here is what you need to do...

  1. Raise and support the front of the vehicle, then remove the tire and wheel assembly.
  2. If equipped, remove the engine undercover.
  3. Remove the cotter pin and locknut cap.
  4. Depress the brake pedal to hold the hub stationary, then remove the bearing locknut from the hub.
  5. Remove the brake caliper and rotor.
  6. Remove the tie rod end from the steering knuckle, then place alignment marks on shock absorber lower bracket and camber adjust cam. Remove the bolt(s) and nut(s) securing the steering knuckle to the shock absorber, then disconnect the steering knuckle from the shock absorber, Figure 1.
  7. Pull the axle hub from driveshaft.
  8. If equipped, remove the stiffener plate (left side only) from the transaxle.
  9. Drain the fluid from the transaxle.
  10. Take a large screwdriver or pry bar between the CV joint and transaxle and remove pop the driveshaft from transaxle case.
  11. Make sure there is a new C-clip on the transaxle end of the new drive shaft.
  12. Reverse the procedure to install. When installing the new driveshaft, insert it into the transaxle as straight as possible and pop it back in. It will make a solid 'thunk' when it is inserted completely. Torque to specifications.
Toyota Paseo Axle Replacement
Figure 1.

IMPORTANT! Due to a change of the friction control treatment on the nut thread, both types of Front Axle Hub Nuts (silver and black) for 1992-1998 Tercel, Paseo, Corolla, Celica, Camry and 1996-1998 RAV4s are NOT reusable.

When replacing the Front Axle Hub Nut the new part must be the same color as the old part. When replacing a Silver nut, use a NEW Silver nut and when replacing a Black nut, use a NEW Black nut.

Parts Information:
90179-22020 Nut, Axle Hub Silver
90178-22001 Nut, Axle Hub Black

Additional Information provided courtesy of AllDATA

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