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Ford Escort Coolant Temperature Swing

Q. Hi, I have a 1995 Ford Escort with 123,000 kilometers on it. When the engine reaches operating temperature, meaning I've driven it for a good while, the coolant temperature gauge shows the engine as running cooler in the cold compared to when it's warm out. There is about a 1/6 of an inch difference in where the needle stops rising.

Ford Escort Coolant Temperature Swing

Maybe this is normal I don't know, but my other car didn't do this and that's what has me concerned. I just bought the car three weeks ago and had it inspected before buying it and all the major components were fine and the compression test was good.

Some minor things had to be done and that was it. One of the things that had to be done was a coolant change. So I did a flush and replaced it with a new 50/50 mix of coolant. I've checked now three weeks later and I haven't lost any coolant at all and it looks clean, no oil or dirt in it, and the car has never overheated on me. So I don't think it's the cooling system.

One other thing I noticed is while idling the idle is a bit up and down between 700 and 900 RPM, but not very noticeable, although, I have heard that the Ford Escort have a bit of a rough Idle.

Thanks in advance,

A. Some fluctuation between very cold and very warm days is normal. But I would suggest replacing the thermostat and see what happens. I think that will take care of the problem.

Another possibility is a Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor is starting to go bad. A bad ECT will also effect the idle speed quality as well.

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