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Nissan Maxima Transmission Flushing

Q. 2002 Nissan Maxima SE Automatic. How do you flush the transmission fluid? What type ATF do I use and how much? It has been flushed before when I reached 30,000 miles but Tires Plus did it. My car is approaching 60,000 miles. Once you add the fluid do you run the car at idle?

Nissan Maxima Transmission Flushing

I have read that you worked at a Porsche dealership, how easy is it to work on a Porsche Boxster S, transmission flush and routine maintenance. I have heard this is a chick car though?


A. I have never recommended flushing engines, transmission or power steering systems. When you do you gamble that everything will turn out okay. If you lose, the cost is an expensive repair or replacement.

The transmission filter in not accessible on that transmission so all you need to do is remove the transmission drain plug and allow the transmission fluid to drain. Once it's done draining, reinstall the drain plug and fill the transmission with ATF. Nissan recommends using Nissan Matic "D" ATF, but Dextron III/Mercon ATF or equivalent may also be used.

You will need to add 4 or 5 liters to refill the transmission. I would put in 3 and then check the fluid level.

Checking A/T Fluid

Nissan Maxima Transmission Flushing
  1. Warm up engine.
  2. Check for fluid leakage.
  3. Before driving, fluid level can be checked at fluid temperatures of 86°F to 122°F using "COLD" range on A/T fluid level gauge.

    1. Park vehicle on level surface and set parking brake.
    2. Start engine and move selector lever through each gear position. Leave selector lever in "P" position.
    3. Check fluid level with engine idling.
    4. Remove A/T fluid level gauge and wipe clean with lint-free paper.
    5. Re-insert A/T fluid level gauge into charging pipe as far as it will go.
    6. Remove A/T fluid level gauge and note reading. If reading is at low side of range, add fluid to the charging pipe. Do not overfill.

  4. Drive vehicle for approximately 5 minutes in urban areas.
  5. Re-check fluid level at fluid temperatures of 122°F to 176°F using "HOT" range on A/T fluid level gauge. CAUTION: Firmly fix the A/T fluid level gauge to the A/T fluid charging pipe using a stopper attached.
Nissan Maxima Transmission Flushing

A Porsche Boxster is about average as far as performing routine maintenance. A service manual will help make it easier to do.

Is it a chick car? While there are cars a lot of women like more than men, I wouldn't know if this is one of them. If you mean a chick car as far as picking up women, I don't think I would want a women who is more interested in my car than me. I would rather have them be interested in me because I'm suave, sophisticated, debonair and single.

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