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Honda Accord Flashing (S) Light

Q. Help, I've got a 1991 Honda Accord, automatic transmission and 200,000+ miles, but the engine was rebuilt in 1997 and a new transmission was installed. My (S) light comes on and flashes after the car shifts out of 1st gear, and acts like it's skipping 2nd and 3rd. I've read the article you have posted titled "Honda Accord Flashing it's S Light" and sounds like exactly what mine is doing.

Honda Accord Flashing (<B>S</B>) Light

I talked to a mechanic at a Honda dealer and said he's seen it many times and it was a bad Transmission Control Module. So I replaced it and it's still doing the same thing.

I'm not getting any diagnostic codes when I put a jumper wire on the service connector. The (S) light doesn't blink or even come on unless I press the button on the shift lever. The Check Engine Light does come on with the jumper wire but doesn't blink any codes, and goes off after removing the wire.

The Check Engine Light had been coming on when I'd get up to about 50 mph and stay on until I shut the car off, and wouldn't come back on until I'd hit about 50 mph again. That had been happening for a month or so before I'd had any trouble with the (S) light.

I thought it could be the speed sensor or shift solenoids. To be honest I'm not even sure where either is located. And with the car not giving me any codes I don't know what to replace. Hope this is enough info.


A. I have run into this quite a few times myself and the new Transmission Control Module (TCM) has always fixed it. Did you put a new TCM that you got from a Honda Dealer, or did you get a used one from the junk yard? If it is used, it's very possible the donor vehicle had the same problem. If this is the case, then you should get a new TCM from a Honda Dealer.

Check Honda Accord Piece Of (S)hift Light for the applicable VIN numbers and TCM part numbers.

If you aren't getting codes from the TCM, try pulling the Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the PCM. It is very possible the two lights are trying to tell you the same thing.

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