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Volkswagen Jetta Oil Consumption

Q. Hi Vince: We noticed quite a few letters and messages from people regarding excessive oil consumption on their late model Volkswagen Jettas and wanted to add our experience. We noticed all the net hoopla after already purchasing our 2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS with the 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine.

Volkswagen Jetta Oil Consumption

The engine model that seems to have so many Volkswagen drivers up in arms over apparent excessive oil consumption.

As a result, we were already critical and expecting problems and sure enough, we did notice that we were using way too much oil between changes, typically 3,000 miles.

My husband knew an old timer Volkswagen expert mechanic from where we grew up and called him up to inquire what he knew about it. Jerry has been as close as family and is one of the brightest and truthful people we've known over the years.

He told my husband that the tolerances on the 2.0 liter engine are set that loose on purpose, and that the little engine is one of the most durable and reliable Volkswagen has ever made. He told us to simply follow the recommendations in the manual and use 10-40 oil and that the "problem" would never be a problem again, just like it shouldn't have been in the first place.

Well, my husband started using an oil with the recommended viscosity, and sure enough, the problem has never repeated itself. Even close to the first 100,000 mile mark, we usually keep cars close to double that mileage, oil consumption has never again been a problem and the little car seems to run as good as it did when we first drove it.

Oh yes, O2 sensors have been an annoyance,. and the fact that the timing belts are of such poor quality is disappointing, but there are problems with all brands and we never seem to get to that point of perfection in any car we've ever had.

Anyway, we don't think that excessive oil consumption is one problem that Jetta drivers will have to lose sleep over if they'll simply read the operating instructions.

Thanks for all the great articles in the discussion forum.

A. Volkswagen recommend using a 5W-40 oil in the 2.0 liter engine. That's from the factory service manual. In addition Volkswagen, indirectly, acknowledges an oil consumption problem in that all oil consumption complaints are evaluated and sent to Volkswagen engineering for final disposition.

I'm happy to see that your using a 10W-40 has solved the problem, but I have to think that if the solution were that easy, why doesn't Volkswagen simply change the oil type specification?

Building anything to a "loose" tolerance can sometimes be a good thing, just ask anyone who carried an M-16 in Viet Nam, but in an engine, "loose" tolerances, either built in or as a result of wear, usually results in oil consumption. A heavier oil simply masks the problem, it doesn't cure it.

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