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Ford Explorer Air Bag DTC 3-7

Q. Hi! I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. It has the 5.0 V-8, automatic, All Wheel Drive, CD, and all the electronic 'things', including the 'system status' panel on the floor board between the front seats. This tells the fuel range remaining, fuel used, percent of oil status, etc. It has 114,600 miles.

Ford Explorer Air Bag DTC 3-7

I have only owned it a short time (about two weeks). It had an airbag light problem when I test drove it, and it was supposed to have been fixed by replacing the 'restraint control module'. It had previously had the 'air bag shorting bar' replaced by the previous owner.

Since I picked up the vehicle I have driven about 100 miles. The light has worked normally, coming on when the key is turned on and then going off. This morning on the way to work (about 20 miles), I decided to check the fuel mileage and pressed the 'mileage' button on the center console. The display worked normally, but the airbag light started flashing. The code is a 3-7.

I am thinking of resetting the system to see if it starts up again, but I am worried about the air bag not working.

What is an airbag code 3-7?

Thank you,

A. Air Bag Systems DTC 3-7 indicates one of four possible problems in the passenger side air bag circuit. You would need to hook up a scan tool to get a P code that will narrow it down to one of the four possibilities.

I would be very careful if you decide do any testing on your own. It is possible you could, inadvertently, set off the air bag. This could cause grave personal injury or, at the very least, dirty shorts.

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