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Honda Accord No Crank, No Start

Q. I have a 2002 Honda Accord V-6. One day the car was fine, then the next day when I got in the car it was dead. No sound at all. The funny thing is that my back lights work and my horn works. I was told by a Honda dealership it was my battery. Well I went out and bought a new battery, installed it and still the same thing.

Honda Accord No Crank, No Start

I have checked all the fuses and they are fine. Please tell me what could be wrong. I am a widow and really know nothing about a car. I cannot afford to take it to the dealership and pay them un-necessary money I don't have. Please respond ASAP.


A. Using the diagram below, check for power at the points marked in red. A test light is all you need, you can get an inexpensive one at an auto parts store. Beginning at the starter work your way back to the ignition switch. The key has to be in the START position so you will need someone to hold the key as you test.

Honda Accord No Crank, No Start

If you have power at the Black/white wire on the starter, you have a bad starter and no further testing is necessary.

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