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Dodge Neon Knocking Noises

Q. Hi, I've been having a problem recently with a sort of snapping/rubbing/light knocking sound in the front of my car recently. It started after a few hour long road trip two weeks ago, and has gotten progressively worse since. The strange thing is that it actually gets better if allowed to sit for a day or so, but then acts up again about 15 to 20 miles after I start to drive it again.

Dodge Neon Knocking Noises

Now I can feel the vibration of this "knock" or "rubbing" through the steering column to the steering wheel, and seems like it is coming from the front left/drivers side, underneath the tire area. As it starts to occur more and more the more I drive it, it happens when there are only slight variance of height in little bumps and potholes. Whenever the shocks are slightly strained I think?

Anyway is it something with the suspension or maybe with the alignment/steering? I have heard the very similar rubbing sound when backing up and turning the wheel far right, but it never got worse and seemed minor. Would a balance or wheel alignment at a local shop fix this? Or should I pay to have it looked at and road tested? Any help you can offer me is GREATLY appreciated!

Also... I had a faulty sensor replaced, or so they said it was, that was returning a power steering failure. Ever since this started the steering has been getting quite loose as well, so I'm thinking I may need the alignment anyway.

  • 2001 Dodge Neon
  • 59,700 miles
  • Automatic transmission

Thanks again!

A. There is a TSB issued by Chrysler on a problem that sounds a lot like what you are experiencing.

NUMBER: 03-006-04
GROUP: Axle and Propshaft
DATE: September 15, 2004

Front Hub/Half Shaft Click/Pop Sound

This bulletin involves installing a rubber gasket to the face of the half shaft that mounts to the hub bearing.

  • 2000 - 2005 (PL) Neon
  • 2001 - 2004 (PT) Chrysler PT Cruiser

NOTE: This bulletin applies to PT vehicles built prior to February 18, 2004, (MDH 0218XX).

Vehicle may exhibit a popping/clicking/snapping/ticking sound from the front hub/half shaft area during acceleration after Drive to Reverse or Reverse to Drive shifts. The sound may also be present while turning and accelerating from a stop.

In order to determine if the popping/clicking/snapping/ticking sound is coming from the front hub/half shaft interface, perform the following procedure:

  1. Raise the vehicle on an appropriate hoist and remove both front wheels.
  2. Remove the cotter pin, nut lock, and wave washer from the end of both front half shafts.
  3. With the vehicle's brakes applied to keep hub from turning, loosen both half shaft nuts to zero torque.
  4. With the service brake applied, shift the vehicle from Drive to Reverse and Reverse to Drive. Once the transmission is engaged in gear, raise the engine speed to 1800 rpm.
  5. If the sound is not present, perform the Repair Procedure. If the sound is still present, the source of the sound is elsewhere. Further diagnosis is required.

I would check this out and see if it is, indeed, the source of the noise.

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