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Ford Taurus Harsh Slow Speed 1-2 Shift

Q. Hi Vincent: I was reading the information on your web site on transmission problems. I have a 1999 Ford Taurus SE. I had to replace the engine as my careless son did not put oil and the engine froze, anyway a 2000 engine was installed. I put 20,000 kilometers on the engine with no problems. I now have a transmission problem.

Ford Taurus Harsh Slow Speed 1-2 Shift

After reading your article where you stated that the engine must be running properly makes me wonder. I took my car to a "Mr. Transmission" here are the details in short version:

  1. Transmission had a leak and a harsh shift from 1-2 in slow traffic. The leak was fixed but the car still has a harsh shift.
  2. Mr. Transmission replaced the transmission along with a few other things. It ran well for two days and now the same problem is back.

The car works superbly on highways, I only have the problem when I am in extremely slow traffic. My husband wants to sell but I can't afford to buy another car whether it's second hand or new. My car works very well, I like it, it gives me good gas mileage in total I love it. Can you please help me?

Appreciate your help.

A. A harsh shift in one gear indicates an internal transmission problem or a problem with a shift solenoid. But since the transmission was replaced, I would assume that it came with new shift solenoids. If it was just rebuilt, then it is still possible you have a bad 1-2 shift solenoid.

Also, be sure they used the correct Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Starting in 1998, all Taurus and Sable vehicles require Mercon(R) V transmission fluid. 1998 Windstar vehicles built before 9/9/1997 require Mercon(R), Windstar vehicles built on 9/9/1997 and beyond use the Mercon(R) V transmission fluid.

The fluids are NOT interchangeable. The use of incorrect ATF may cause internal transaxle damage to friction material.

Here are some of the other possibilities...

Ford Taurus Harsh Slow Speed 1-2 Shift

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