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Honda Accord Starting Problems

Q. Hi, We're having start problems with our 1999 Honda Accord. The car always starts reliably and idles nicely, but when we put it into gear and give it some gas, there's a large hesitation, and sometimes it stalls. The problem is the worst after the car has been sitting in the sun, hot day, and is less of a problem on cooler days.

Honda Accord Starting Problems

We've had a general tune up done, plugs, etc, and everything seemed normal and the tune-up didn't help the problem. The fault occurred at the shop, but the best they could determine was that the hesitation seems to be a fuel starvation problem. Our Accord, in general, gets poor gas economy, 31 mpg (imperial gallons), but on the highway it runs excellent.

Our check engine light is always on, and the code points only to a general problem with the emissions system (not helpful). Any thoughts? Any help/advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

A. If the Check Engine Light (CEL) is on, then there is a code stored in the computer and it would be very helpful to know what that code is in order for me to attempt to help you. The OBD-II P codes are very specific to what a problem is especially with emission related items.

There are so many possibilities that could be causing this problem that anything I suggest would be pure conjecture.

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