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Lincoln Navigator Power Windows Inop

Q. Dear Mr.Ciulla, I own a 2000 Lincoln Navigator. My drivers side window is not working, but all others are. I can hear a clicking sound from the dash when I push the button down. I've checked the related fuses and all are still good. Also, my drivers side heated seat is not operational. There's no light indicator when the unit is turned on.

Lincoln Navigator Power Windows Inop

All the power options still work on the seat as it should. Please send needed advise as where to start and what to look for.

Long Vue

A. Check fuse 103 (50A) and 501 (30A) in the Battery Junction Box, located under the hood on the drivers side, and make sure they are good. Use an ohmmeter or test light to check them, visual checks can often be deceiving.

Assuming the fuses and fusible links are all good, then there could be a problem in the wiring, the seat heater and temperature sensor or fuse 110 (30A) in the Battery Junction Box is blown.

Outside of that there isn't much you can do. Ford will need to connect their scan tool to check the codes in the Generic Electronic Module (GEM). The GEM controls the opening of the LF driver side power window (window down motion) by activating the One-Touch Down (OTD) relay.

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