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Mercedes Benz E300 Blower Motor

Q. I have a 1995 Mercedes Benz E300D. The heater fan seems to have taken on a mind of its own, sometimes working, and sometimes not working. I started thinking there is something wrong with the connections because the lights in the control panel where the A/C buttons are sometimes do not come on when I turn on the headlamps.

Mercedes Benz E300 Blower Motor

Anyway, I took that out of the dashboard, just above the radio, and removed the connectors, and it is sealed. I could not find anything. When I put them back together, the fan was working again, but the next time I started the car, it would not work. I just saw an article from someone who was experiencing a similar problem with an older car.

I did not see the fan behind the console when I removed it. Could you please show me where it is? I would really appreciate it. A mechanic has told me that he has to replace the fan and the control module which he says cost about $450.00 each, plus labor.

He says it is deep down in the engine and he has to remove a lot of things to get to them. I wanted to get on the chat line, but I could not figure out how. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

A. Before I go replacing parts, I would check this connector first.

Mercedes Benz E300 Blower Motor

If that checks out okay, then I would look at the blower motor. The brushes are probably worn and the brushes, or the motor, needs to be replaced. It is located under the front cowl.

Mercedes Benz E300 Blower Motor

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