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Cadillac Seville Blower Motor Died

Q. I have a 1989 Cadillac Seville and the heater blower motor will not come on. It is a 4.5 liter V-8 with 91,000 miles. I have climate control in my car and the A/C is low on refrigerant. My indicator light comes on saying "Low on Refrigerant, A/C Compressor turned off" and the climate control system will not work in "Auto" mode, but only in "Econ" mode.

Cadillac Seville Blower Motor Died

I am not certain if this has anything to do with the blower motor not working. It is fall in Minnesota and with winter coming, I will need to have the blower motor working.

The question is where is the blower motor to test it and if it is bad then how difficult is the removal and installation? I had thought that the heater fan motor was inside the car, but occasionally I will hear what I believe is the motor trying to come on. It is noisy and appears to be coming from within the engine compartment.

I know the sound has to do with the HVAC since when I turn the heat off, the sound goes away. Also, is there any way to bypass the Air conditioning component that prevents the system form operating in "Auto" mode?

Thanks for your help.

A. The blower motor is inside the engine compartment, on the passenger side firewall as shown in the picture below.

Cadillac Seville Blower Motor Died

This is how to get to it...

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable, then remove strut tower cross brace (two nuts each side).
  2. Remove cowl relay center bracket (two nuts), then disconnect electrical connector and cooling hose from blower motor.
  3. On Eldorado and Seville models, Remove MAP sensor mounting bracket.
  4. On all models, remove blower motor retaining screws, then tilt blower motor in case to allow fan removal. Fan must be removed prior to blower motor to prevent fan from being bent.
  5. Remove fan retainer and fan from blower motor, then remove blower motor.
  6. Remove blower fan from case.
  7. Reverse procedure to install.

And here is the procedure for testing the blower motor.

Cadillac Seville Blower Motor Died

There is a new blower motor assembly so I would recommend getting it from the Cadillac Dealer. And there is no way to bypass the "Econ" mode.

I don't know what part of the State you're in, but here in Rochester it has been getting cooler and I know what you mean about needing good heat and a good blower motor.

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