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Plymouth Voyager ATF: Which To Use?

Q. Hi, Vincent, I have a 1988 Plymouth Voyager SE, 3.0 liter V-6. 3 Speed automatic transmission and 188,345 miles. Previous problem was a slight leak and it became more. One day it finally leaked out very bad at oil seal and the driver side drive shaft input bearing gave up.

Plymouth Voyager ATF: Which To Use?

Had to drive it home the night before due to it was very late and about 4 miles away from we live. Clutches got burned due to transmission fluid was very low due to leak. Overhauled transmission and replaced bearing and oil seal. Problem when driving it shifting is normal and about 1,000 feet it will quit on me but reverse is still working. When transmission has cooled down 1,000 feet again and it will stop again.

Do we really need to use mopar ATF +3 or DEXRON II or III would work because in my manual Chilton say's DEXRON II.

Jhun From Guam

A. I have found from personal experience that using the Mopar ATF +3, Type 7176, Automatic Transmission Fluid has solved a lot of Chrysler transmission problems. I can't say it will fix the problem you're having, but it's certainly worth a shot.

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