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Plugging a Ford P71 Police Interceptor

Q. How and where do you get the hole patched or plugged where a former Ford Crown Victoria P71 Police Interceptor had the spot light on the door? Does one sell a plastic or rubber product to fill this and/or can this be welded back and painted? Prices would be helpful too.


Plugging a Ford P71 Police Interceptor

A. Probably the easiest way to plug the hole would be with a rubber plug. Auto parts stores sell them, or you can get one at most body shops, and they come in various sizes. You may need to use a file to enlarge the hole a bit to get a proper fit, but that's not difficult to do. I would use a bit of Permatex #2 on the edges of the hole and then fit the plug. This will help keep water out and remain flexible.

Welding the hole shut is certainly an option, but would entail a lot of work and repainting the repaired area.

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