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Ford Expedition ABS Light On

Q. I can't imagine how much time you spend responding to all of us novices. Thank you!

I am troubleshooting an ABS light on a 2000 Ford Expedition 4x4, 5.4 liter engine, automatic transmission and 100,000 miles. The light comes on after starting the engine and stays on until the key is turned off. I have flushed the brake fluid with DOT 3.

Ford Expedition ABS Light On

All pads are in good shape with no other apparent brake line damage. I have read the OBD-II codes, none are present, but I understand that the ABS codes are stored. I was wondering if you have a suggestion on how to access the ABS codes.

I am assuming these are not part of the federal mandate for OBD-II data, so Ford does not release them. I was investigating some CAN tools, but they seem pretty low level with a high risk of damaging the existing configuration. Do you have suggestions on how to test the speed sensor is working properly (I hate to test by replacing parts).

Many thanks in advance...

A. The only way you can get the codes out of the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) is with a scan tool that is compatable with it. Most higher end aftermarket scan tools and, of course, the Ford scan tool will be able to access them.

Without the stored codes there is little I can do to help you. I would check the ABS harness connectors at each of the wheels and ABS the sensors themselves are not damaged.

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