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Hyundai Accent Fuel Filter Replacement

Q. Hello Vincent: I am contacting you regarding the exact placement of the fuel filter on my 2003 Hyundai Accent. I recently jacked up the car and saw a black plastic box next to the fuel pump, is it located in there? Just want to be sure prior to taking it all apart. Seems odd that the pump is exposed but the filter is hidden.

Hyundai Accent Fuel Filter Replacement

I looked for a Chilton's book but the library had nothing past 1999 and I can't find a schematic on the internet. A pretty good car for $9000.00. Do i need to bleed of the system? I never had any problem with fuel pressure on my 1993 Festiva which i owned for 10 years, just disconnected it and replaced, amazing gas mileage with the "Festie"

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A. Here is the location and procedure for replacing your fuel filter:

  1. Reduce the internal pressure of the fuel lines and hoses by completing the following operations.
    • After removing the rear seat cushion, disconnect the fuel pump harness.
    • Start the engine. Allow it to stop by itself, then turn the ignition switch OFF.
    • Disconnect the battery negative (-) terminal.
    • Connect the fuel pump harness connector.
  2. Remove the eye bolts while holding the fuel filter nuts securely. CAUTION: Cover the fuel filter with a shop towel to avoid residual gasoline from splashing.
  3. Remove the fuel filter mounting bolts, then remove the fuel filter from the fuel filter clamp.
  4. After replacing the fuel filter, check for fuel leaks
Hyundai Accent Fuel Filter Replacement

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