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Dodge Truck Having Misfires??

Q. I have a surge at 45, feels like it is crossfring as it runs, at any speed. When cold it pops back thrum the intake, or sounds like it does. No engine light on but I have codes for misfires. Drive about 10 miles and the scanner shows the 02 sensors not ready, along with the catalytic converter not ready.

  • 1996 Dodge Truck
  • 3.9 Liter V-6 VIN X
  • Automatic Transmission
  • 109,496 Miles
  • ABS Brakes
  • P/S, A/C, Cruise Control

Dodge Truck Having Misfires??

History: I got a code 13 about a month ago. The code was for no change in MAP from 'Start' to 'Run'. So I took off the positive cable and then took off the throttle body to change the MAP sensor. While off I took the body apart and cleaned the body with a mixture of carburetor cleaner and rubbing alcohol (50/50), also cleaned tip of IAC motor being careful not to move tip. Put back together with new gasket. Ran good.

About a week later got code 43,which is ignition coil bad. So I changed it out, still ran rough. So I went and changed out the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, because the where 3 years old. Helped a little bit, but did not run complete right. So I went ahead and change out the camshaft sensor, for the one in it was the original, on the off chance it was going bad. Did not help. Code 43 then came back in a week.

This time I got hold of an Action CP 9135 scanner. This scanner said I had a code P0306, which is multiple misfires, misfires on cylinder 6 and 5. I then got on the internet and came across a article on the About page, titled Dodge Ram 1500 Running Rough. So I ran the wires as the article showed. It helped some. Now I have no engine light on but I do have the misfires code on the scanner. I feel I may have a fuel problem, or too much air due to IAC motor not sealing. But not sure.

The service manual have is from Chilton, but it not very helpful. So any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,

A. The DTC 13 (P1297) does indicate "No change in MAP from 'Start' to 'Run'." There are three possible causes for this code; 1. restricted or leaking vacuum line, 2. a bad MAP sensor and 3. a bad PCM.

DTC 43 and DTC P0306 are the same thing, which you seem to have corrected. Have you cleared the codes before retesting? If you didn't the light will go out when the problem is corrected, but the codes will remain in memory even though the problem is corrected.

Use the "Erase DTCs" function of your scan tool, remove the PCM fuse for 30 seconds or disconnect the negative battery cable for 30 seconds to clear the codes from memory. Then retest the system and you should be okay.

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