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Dodge Stratus Cruise Control Shuts Off

Q. Dear Mr. Ciulla, I am writing from Brazil. I have a 1997 Dodge Stratus, I think that in USA the name is Chrysler Cirrus, LX, 2.5 liters V-6, Automatic transmission with 70.000 kilometers, ABS and cruise control. This model was manufactured to export to Brazil. VIN 1C3EMB6H2VN719526. The problem is in the cruise control.

Dodge Stratus Cruise Control Shuts Off

It is running perfect in all controls ON/OFF, CANCEL, RES/ACCEL and SET/COAST switches, but after one minute using the cruise mode, suddenly it stops work. The only way to start again the mode cruise is turn off the engine and turn on again, turn off and turn on the key.

Then the cruise mode begin running and after one minute stops again. I didn't find any fuse with problem or connection contact in the servo or vacuum pipe problem. Do you have any idea about this problem? Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

A. The first thing I would suspect is the brake switch perhaps being out of adjustment and too sensitive to the point where hitting a bump or even imperfection in the road surface would cause the switch to activate and de-activate the cruise control. Check the adjustment of the brake switch.

Additionally, the system is designed to dis-engage as soon as the accelerator pedal is depressed and there is a switch on the accelerator pedal linkage which detects this as well.

Also, if the servo cable is out of adjustment (especially too tight) this can cause your problem as well.

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