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Ford Mustang Coupe Hard To Start

Q. Vince: I recently bought a 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe with a 289 cid and automatic transmission. It runs okay, maybe a little hot, but is hard to start. I pump the gas twice, then hold my foot down on the gas to start. It turns over, pauses then usually starts up. Sometimes it takes quite a few tries to get it started, but I don't hold on the starter more than about four or five seconds each try.

Ford Mustang Coupe Hard To Start

Once, a couple of days ago, I had to get a jump start after the battery wore down trying to start. I charged the battery, then checked it by leaving the lights on without the engine running for about 30 seconds without any dimming. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


A. There are a few possible causes to hard starting on this classic. If this is happening on a warm engine, the first thing I would check is that the choke plate is opening all the way and being held firmly open by the bi-metal choke-spring, if not, the choke will need to be examined and adjusted properly.

If it is happening when the engine is cold, then you need to make sure the choke is closing. After starting the choke pull-off should crack the choke plate open and, as the engine warms, should slowly open.

If the choke is okay, then the points need to be examined for burning, proper gap and dwell angle. If the points check out okay, recommend you check the ignition coil primary and secondary resistance.

Beyond that, read the spark plugs, what color are they? Brown/tan color indicates they are burning well, if they are worn, with black, or white deposits on them, I suggest you replace them.

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