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Best Way To Buy Brake Rotors

Q. Hi, I am trying to purchase rotors for my toyota echo, 2000. I am having some problems deciding what to order. Here are my questions:

  1. I found packages that refer to the rotors as such; 8/1999 or 9/1999 or 8/2000, etc. What is the 8/7? Is that the disk size?
Best Way To Buy Brake Rotors
  1. Does the number above matter, if it is not the disk size? I noticed that there's a big difference in price, so is it that the number means a higher grade?
  2. I also noticed that there are packages/kits, and there are "a la cart" pricing. Which is better?

A. I think the numbers you are referring to are manufacture dates for your particular vehicle. You will need to check the identi-plate either in the door jam or glove box to get an exact reading of your vehicle's date of birth. Based on this information the parts retailer will be able to get you the correct rotors to fit your car.

Unless I am planning to upgrade the performance of a vehicle I prefer to pay for only the parts which I need for the vehicle. IE: If I need rotors I look for the best deal on rotors vice a package deal on rotors and calipers. Now if I were looking to soup up a car I would then shop for a matched caliper and rotor kit that suits my performance needs for the vehicle.

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