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Toyota Corolla Idle Speed Too High

Q. Good day Vincent, I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla Gli, 1.6 liter, manual transmission with 138,000 kilometers, EFI, Power Steering and A/C. Recently, I noticed that the fuel consumption went up. I figured that it must be because of the High Idling at 1,400 RPM, with the A/C turned off. When the A/C clutch engages, the RPM drops to 1,000 but this is still way too high since nominal is 800 +/- 50 rpm.

Toyota Corolla Idle Speed Too High

I have already checked the vacuum hoses for leaks and clogs, air filter is clean, the throttle cable was not too tight, and reset the ECU. Still idling was still high even with a warmed up engine. Incidentally, I also noticed that the A/C is intermittently not engaging even if its supposed to. What could be causing this?

My mechanic friend says it may be the MAF sensor. I tried swapping it out with another MAF sensor, with a different part number though, since I couldn't find an exact match, but still, idling was high. I'd really appreciate your help on this.


A. The first thing to do is to see if there are any codes stored in the PCM. If there are this will give us a good starting point for troubleshooting. Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Lacking any codes I would have to start with the Idle Air Control Valve. (IACV). Also a Throttle Body Cleaning will, likely, cure the high idle speed as well.

Toyota Corolla Idle Speed Too High
Toyota Corolla Idle Speed Too High Toyota Corolla Idle Speed Too High Toyota Corolla Idle Speed Too High

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