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Ford Escort Window Handle Removal

Q. I have a 1993 Ford Escort. I'm trying to take the panels off the rear doors to look at the locking mechanism but I can't figure out how to get the window crank off. I can't get the panel off without it.


Ford Escort Window Handle Removal

A. There is a small horseshoe shaped clip that holds the window handle on the window regulator.

Ford Escort Window Handle Removal Ford Escort Window Handle Removal

You can make a removal tool from a piece of coat hanger. Just bend it into the shape in the diagram. The dimensions are rough, you can make it as big as is comfortable for your hand.

The inside of the hook end should be about the same as the thickness of the coat hanger. Bigger than that and it won't fit between the window handle and door panel.

Be careful when you pull it out, that clip will want to move to a different country when it pops out. When it hits the ground, it will immediately change color to blend in and make it very difficult to find.

I usually cover the window handle and the tool with a rag to catch it as it pops out. When it's out and I have the window handle off, I put it right back on the window handle.

To reinstall it, just center it on the window regulator and give it a sharp rap to set it in place.

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