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Jeep Grand Cherokee P/S Is A Moaner

Q. I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the power steering pump is moaning. There is fluid in it because that was the first thing I checked. Do I need to replace the pump? I know it is in tune with the serpentine belt? Is that going to be a pain to mess with when changing the pump?


Jeep Grand Cherokee P/S Is A Moaner

A. There is some noise in all power steering systems. One of the most common is a hissing sound evident at a standstill parking. Or when the steering wheel is at the end of it's travel.

Hiss is a high frequency noise similar to that of a water tap being closed slowly. The noise is present in all valves that have a high velocity fluid passing through an orifice. There is no relationship between this noise and steering performance.

I'm assuming you're writing to me because the noise has increased in the recent past. A power steering pump can make a noise, even a moan type noise such as you describe, for a very long time without effecting steering performance.

The power steering pump and serpentine belt are not difficult at all to replace.


  1. Remove the serpentine drive belt.
  2. Remove the pressure and return hoses from pump and drain pump.
  3. Vehicles equipped with Speed Proportional Steering, disconnect actuator harness.
  4. Remove pump mounting bolts and remove the pump.
  5. Remove pulley from pump.
Jeep Grand Cherokee P/S Is A Moaner


  1. Install pulley on pump.
  2. Mount pump on bracket and install bolts. Tighten bolts to 20 ft. lbs.
  3. Install the pressure and return hoses to pump.
  4. Vehicles equipped with Speed Pro Steering, connect actuator harness.
  5. Install drive belt.
  6. Add power steering fluid.

Serpentine Accessory Drive Belt Removal:

Jeep Grand Cherokee P/S Is A Moaner
  1. Attach a socket/wrench to pulley mounting bolt of automatic belt tensioner.
  2. Rotate tensioner assembly clockwise (as viewed from front) until tension has been relieved from belt.
  3. Remove belt from idler pulley first.
  4. Remove belt from vehicle.
  5. Reverse procedure to install.
Jeep Grand Cherokee P/S Is A Moaner

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