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Honda Accord Power Window Regulator

Q. Dear Mr. Ciulla, I have a 1997 Honda Accord EX. I noticed while driving the other day that the back seat window, driver’s side, was partially down. I tried to let it up from the driver seat control, but it did not move. To make a long story shorter, I took the door panel off, and it appears that the cable/s have come loose.

Honda Accord Power Window Regulator

I took off the panel to the other passenger door to see if I could figure out what it is supposed to look like. That did not help. The motor works. I hear it working and it is moving the cables somewhat. But I don’t know where the cables attach and how to get to them!!! There appears to be one with some black on it and one with gray. Can you help?

Thanks so much,

A. I have replaced many of those window regulators. The cable cuts into the plastic guides and over time the cut right through them. The bright side is they are easy to replace.

There are two bolts that hold the window to the regulator. Remove them and lift the window up and out of the way. You don't need to take it out, just secure it so it doesn't fall down.

Honda Accord Power Window Regulator

Then there are two bolts on the top and bottom of the regulator slide. Take them out, noting where the are as far as adjustment. You can use a scratch awl to scribe around the bolt heads to be sure you get them back as they were.

Honda Accord Power Window Regulator

Then remove the three bolts holding the power window motor on and remove the guide and motor as an assembly. To install the new one, take the power window motor off the old regulator and install it on the new one.

Honda Accord Power Window Regulator

Then install the regulator and power window motor assembly in reverse order of installation.

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