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Ford Taurus Highway Speed Vibration

Q. I have a 2002 Ford Taurus SEL, loaded. 3.0 liter V-6 with 36,000 miles. When I reach cruising speed on the interstate, 75 to 80 mph, the car has started making a strange sound as if you are traveling next to a car with loud mufflers. Seems to be a harmonic type problem, but I can find nothing that is loose.

Ford Taurus Highway Speed Vibration

When the noise starts, you can put your hand on the head liner and feel a vibration. The car did NOT do this before. Interestingly, it does not start immediately. I have to drive down the interstate at speed for about five miles before the problem starts.

Any ideas?

A. If your 2002 Ford Taurus was built between 4/1/2002 and 10/1/2002, you may have a problem with an unbalanced cooling fan assembly. The condition will only occur with the A/C system ON and in ambient temperatures of 80°F and above. There is a TSB out, Article No. 03-11-1 dated 06/09/03 addressing the problem.

Other than that it may prove difficult to isolate the source of the vibration. It could be a bad tire, a bad shock, an out of balance axle shaft or a bad or broken body mount.

I would start with a high speed wheel balance for all four wheels and rotation.

The car should still be under warranty so your Ford Dealer should be taking care of it.

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