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Ford Escort Starts And Quickly Stalls

Q. Hello! I have a 1991 Ford Escort GT, 1.8 liter engine and manual transmission. It sat for a few years and we put it in the shop for timing. It ran for a while and then we started having problems with the belts being loose and killing the battery. So they were tightened up. The problem now is that, the car will start with a little tap or push of the gas, then once my foot is let off, the car cuts off.

Ford Escort Starts And Quickly Stalls

We went through our Ford manual, and tried to look for the intake manifold but don't know where it is.

We did notice while wiggling and moving around a hard tube that the car would stay on but it would SPUTTER VERY BADLY, like a motorcycle or something. I think the tube ran from the engine into something else not sure of what though. We thought maybe it had something to do with intake manifold hoses or connection.

We have already put spark plugs on it, had the timing set, and replaced the oxygen sensor. What are we missing? ALSO! the fuel indicator on the dash lies and says it's more gas then it really is, then like five or ten minutes of driving it will tell you what it really is. Bottom line is the car starts, stays running as long as my foot is on the gas, but when I come to a stop or slow down significantly and let off the gas it shuts off.

Please HELP!

A. The Intake Manifold, or Intake Plenum, is bolted onto the side of the head. It is not uncommon for the intake manifold gasket to deteriorate and develop a vacuum leak.

Ford Escort Starts And Quickly Stalls

I think that hard tube you are referring to is the PCV Tube Assembly. If this was cracked or disconnected, it would most certainly cause the engine to stall as you describe.

Ford Escort Starts And Quickly Stalls

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