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Dodge Dakota Running Hot And Cold

Q. Hi Vince, just had to put a new water pump on my 1998 Dodge Dakota 4X4, 3.9 liter V-6. I also put a new thermostat on it at the same time. Since completing the job my truck has been running normal, then hot, then back to normal, then hot, then back to normal, you get the picture. It will run along fine for several miles then the gauge goes up, stays there about five to ten seconds, then drops back down to normal for another 10 to 20 miles. HELP!!!! AGAIN!!!


Dodge Dakota Running Hot And Cold

A. It sounds like an air bubble is trapped inside the block. Try this, clip the end off a paper clip so you have a "U" shaped wire. Then slide it under the negative pressure relief valve of the radiator cap.

Dodge Dakota Running Hot And Cold

Now fill the cooling system to the top of the filler neck and place the radiator cap on tightly. Fill the coolant reserve bottle about ¾ full. Start the engine and turn the heater to full HOT.

Now just let it run and soon you will see air bubbles coming up through the coolant reserve bottle. When the engine gets to normal operating temperature shut it off. Keep an eye on the coolant in the bottle and add some to keep the level up.

That will get most of the air out of the system. You may need to repeat the procedure once or twice.

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