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Replacing Ford Taurus Brake Light Bulb

Q. I have a 199(?) Ford Taurus and need to replace the brake light bulb. How do I remove it to replace?

Replacing Ford Taurus Brake Light Bulb

A. Well, you got me in the right decade at least. So I just split the difference. Here is the procedure for a 1995 Ford Taurus. Other years will be the same or very similar.


  1. Open luggage compartment door and remove quarter trim panel.
  2. Remove three retaining nuts from rear lamp mounting studs.
  3. Carefully pull rear lamp away from vehicle by pulling it straight out to avoid damaging paint.
  4. Remove electrical connector by pulling off base of bulb socket.
  5. Twist bulb socket counterclockwise approximately ¼ turn and remove from rear lamp.
  6. Carefully remove old bulb from socket by gently pulling it straight out of socket.
    NOTE: Do not rotate bulb to remove.


  1. Install new bulb by pushing straight into socket until it snaps and locks into position.
  2. Align indexing tab on socket and install bulb/socket into rear lamp and twist clockwise until it locks into position.
  3. Align indexing tab and install electrical connector into socket base until it snaps and locks into place.
  4. Carefully install rear lamp to quarter panel.
  5. Install three retaining nuts and tighten to 45-61 Lb-In
Replacing Ford Taurus Brake Light Bulb

Left and right tail lamp assemblies are just reversed.

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