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Removing Ford Mustang Center Console

Q. Mr. Ciulla: I just recently purchased a 1993 Ford Mustang LX hatchback, 2.3 liter 4-cylinder, straight shift. It's got a few miles on it, but is in decent shape. I'd like to clean it up a bit, and want to remove part of the console. I've got the armrest off, and want to remove the armrest holder, plus the part that holds the ashtray and that goes around the emergency brake.

Removing Ford Mustang Center Console

I don't want to remove the part around the gear shift, nor the big "base" part that goes all the way up and hooks into the dash. It looks like there ought to be some little plastic "clips" that I'll need to unhook, but I don't want to go prying around until I know what and where.

Am I going to have to remove the entire console, including that big base part in order to get these other parts off? Any suggestions, advice greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,

A. Here is how to remove the center console. You can go as far as you wish.

Removal and Installation

  1. Remove two access covers at rear of console (snaps out) to gain access to armrest retaining bolts.
  2. Remove four armrest-to-floor bracket retaining bolts and remove armrest assembly (snaps out of console).
Removing Ford Mustang Center Console
  1. Remove gear shift lever opening finish panel (snaps out). On vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, shift boot is attached to bottom of finish panel. Remove shift knob and slide boot and finish panel up shift lever to remove.
  2. To remove top finish panel, position emergency brake lever in UP position. Remove four retaining screws and lift panel up. Disconnect necessary wire connectors.
  3. Remove two console-to-rear floor bracket retaining screws.
  4. Insert a small screwdriver into two notches at bottom of front upper finish panel and snap out.
Removing Ford Mustang Center Console
  1. There are three combinations of radio cover finish panels:
    1. Radio opening cover plate with stowage bin (radio delete option)
    2. Radio with stowage bin
    3. Radio with graphic equalizer (one unit)
      • Combination A: Use a small screwdriver and pry radio cover finish panel out of console.
      • Combinations B and C: The radio must be removed first.
    1. Open glove compartment door and drop glove compartment assembly down. Remove two console-to-instrument panel retaining screws.
    Removing Ford Mustang Center Console
    1. Remove four console-to-bracket retaining screws. Remove console from vehicle.
    2. To install, reverse Removal procedure.

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