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Dodge Ram Brakes And Other Concerns

Q. Hi, Vince. I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.9 liter with an automatic transmission and 120,000 miles. I have 3 problems.

1. Vehicle stalls when driving, or coming to a stop. It always happens when you take your foot off of gas pedal, and RPM's drop below 400, or lower, forward and reverse.

Dodge Ram Brakes And Other Concerns

I've noticed that if you push O/DD button on dash to turn it off, it helps the problem somewhat, but not completely. If you start going, and then have to let off fuel quick it drops low and stalls. If you ease off fuel, it usually won't stall? Is there and idle control valve or a decel valve that could be causing this problem?

2. Engine temperature gauge reads very low, just over the first line. Truck seems to run okay except you can't get very much heat on interior, especially at floor, some heat at defrost, and some from side vents. Possible thermostat stuck open sound right?

3. Brakes, every third or fourth time when applying brakes, pedal seems to go almost to floor, then next few times the pedal is up and they seem okay, then it's back to pedal dropping low. Pads are good, no leaks at wheels, and plenty of fluid in master cylinder.

Thank You in advance for any help.

A. 1. It's hard for me to say, but it could very well be a dirty throttle body causing the problem. It doesn't quite sound like a bad TCC solenoid, but I can't quite rule it out either. If you have a good tune-up in it, I would try cleaning the throttle body and IACV.

Under normal or severe operating conditions, it is possible for the throttle body to build deposits in the air flow area near the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) inlet, and/or near the Automatic Idle Speed (AIS) inlet. These deposits can cause driveability problems that may or may not appear as a fault code in diagnosis.

  1. Visually inspect the throttle body for cracks, deformation or tampering. If there is any visible damage to the throttle body, replace throttle body.
  2. Remove the throttle body.
  3. While holding the throttle open, carefully clean any deposits from the throttle body air flow area, including the back of the throttle plate. Insure that the edges of the throttle blade, and throttle bore are free of deposits.

    NOTE: Do not use harsh abrasives or tank solvent washing to clean the throttle body.

  4. Inspect the intake plenum and clean if deposits are visible.
  5. Install the throttle body.
Dodge Ram Brakes And Other Concerns

2. Yep, sounds like a stuck open thermostat to me.

3. Sounds like there is air in the brake hydraulic system. I would give it a good bleeding. I know you change the brake fluid every two years so we can assume the brake fluid is good. Right?

Bleed the brake system in the following order:

  1. Master cylinder.
  2. Combination valve.
  3. Rear anti-lock valve.
  4. Right rear wheel.
  5. Left rear wheel.
  6. Right front wheel.
  7. Left front wheel

Pressure bleeding is the preferred method for bleeding this system, although you can vacuum bleed it as well. If the problem persists, then you probably have a brake master cylinder going bad.

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