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Ford Windstar Alignment Problems

Q. I owe a 2003 Ford Windstar. I have been back to the dealer five times about the front end. The vehicle has been pulling to the left on the road,and wandering from left to right the faster I go on the freeway. The steering wheel is off center, it is running at 9/12 and 3/12 Plus at times. The dealer says I should live with the steering wheel being off center.

Ford Windstar Alignment Problems

I have to grip the steering wheel very hard to make the vehicle go straight down the road. Also when I make a right turn and the vehicle straightens out the vehicle will wipe from left to right. I have noticed play in the steering wheel. Both front tires are wearing on the inside and out side, and I'm not cornering hard. The vehicle steers easy to the right and hard to the left. The vehicle seems to have a mine of its own.

When turning the wheel in the parking lot or side street at a low speed I can feel the wheels fighting each other. I also noticed the front wheels leaning out at the bottom which I think has to much negative camber. Is possible that the camber being off will it cause the vehicle to wander on the road, and make the steering wheel feel spongy.

The dealer changed the tires from Uniroyal to Michelin this did help the vehicle from pulling to the left, how ever the vehicle still wanders on the road. I have read on your web site about Steering Axis Inclination, Steering Effort, and Troubleshooting No-Start Problems. Do you think the problems I'am having fall under these articles I have read on your web sight.

Wyandotte, MI

A. You didn't mention the milage so I'm going to assume it is still under warranty. If that is the case, it's time to get Ford involved in this problem. The symptoms you describe are not normal and you should not have to "get used" to anything.

Look in your Owners Manual and you will find the number for Ford Customer Service. Call them and file a complaint. Then request an appointment with the Ford Factory Representative and he will make things happen for you.

If all else fails, you probably have recourse under Michigans Lemon Laws.

After this is resolved, I think the dealer should get used to not having you as a customer any more.

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